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The most difficult aspect of Digital Transformation is not digital …

We help our customers cope with digitization.

Your company in step with the times

Digital Transformation is much more than the installation of new hardware and software technologies. Digital transformation is an improvement of processes rather than tools.

Consulting & Solutions offers support to all those who want to get the best from the digital transition through the design of lean business processes, support in the definition of software technology requirements and software selection, the introduction of dashboards of indicators suitable for measuring business performance with advanced business intelligence.

The service opportunities that grow your business.

Expand your opportunities using new crowdfunding platforms.

Make your market global, with e-commerce.

Use digital technologies to create new services connected to your core business.

Make your product evolve (renew) by introducing some elements that lead the user to purchase them again.

Add intangible value, such as customer service, software, or updates. This creates a connection to the customer and generates recurring revenue

Invest in your technology

If companies clearly understand the options allowed by the technology and the needs (internal or external), any expense for IT improvement will be seen as a pure investment.
The fact is that often people within the company have not accepted the change or the manager is unable to set goals. So they start a poorly defined process, they spend a lot of money to get few results.
Spending hundreds of thousands of euros to land on e-commerce when you are still selling the wrong way does not make sense. It’s like selling SMS at the time of whatsapp.

To become competitive, companies should understand where they are on Digital Transformation and plan a long-term path. This is not easy, which is why they have to rely on the right consultant.

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