Zucchetti assistance


System assistance for your Zucchetti applications.

Services for optimizing the performance of Zucchetti applications

We use our systems skills to support companies and studios that have chosen to rely on Zucchetti and its products.

Our Easy Cloud and Update & Compliance services can be “customized” based on the application to be hosted and are well suited to Zucchetti solutions. This expertise has been developed thanks to our network of certified partners with whom we have been pursuing collaborative relationships for years.

To this end, we have dedicated part of our Datacenter to customers who need Zucchetti assistance and to those who wish to place their software in the Cloud.

We can manage the platform hosting the applications without limits, thanks to the ability to scale according to needs.

IT systems assistance

AdHoc Infinity Zucchetti
AGO Infinity Zucchetti
Infinity CRM Zucchetti
HR Infinity Zucchetti

Easy Cloud

  • Full delegation of management of the platform hosting the purchased software licenses
  • Daily monitoring for the correct functioning of the software
  • Pro-active helpdesk
  • Internal hardware and OS maintenance
  • Backup

Update & Compliance

  • Installation of Zucchetti software updates from 18:00 to 24:00 and from 00:00 to 8:00.
  • Monitoring of the availability of the services that make up the software solution
  • Periodic performance monitoring, Vulnerability assessment and Penetration tests
  • Installation of updates under test before updating the production plant

Why choose our Cloud service for Paghe Web, AGO Infinity and Ad Hoc Infinity Zucchetti software?

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