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Automate and make your business more efficient thanks to our technological tools.

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Today the BU O.A. Consulting & Solutions is a Xerox and Sharp Partner.
It can count on a highly qualified and trained staff to respond optimally to customer needs.

The goal is to be the reference for the optimization of business activities by supporting the customer with the best of the technology available, always paying particular attention to the customization of services, without ever forgetting the human value both within the company itself and in the towards customers.

Easy Print & Copy

Easy Print & Copy is the new “all inclusive” service. Ideal for all companies wishing to optimize the printing service.
All printing products are quantified with a unit cost.
The printing devices are leased while the maintenance and management costs are distributed on the output of use.
It guarantees the individual professional and the company a printing process that optimizes time and reduces costs.
Technical assistance and the supply of consumables are always included

A highly personalized offer that takes into account the size of the company, the print volumes and the specific needs of each customer. consulenza pre e post vendita.Affianchiamo PMI e Professionisti nella scelta delle migliori soluzioni di stampa e gestione documentale per l’ottimizzazione del loro lavoro.In altre parole l’intero ammontare dei costi è tradotto in prezzo unitario per singola stampa.

Value added:
The benefits that the Easy Print & Copy solution brings to business management are truly remarkable. It allows you to statistically monitor the activity carried out in each individual sector or office. This ability, if supported by a staff accountability policy, will ensure the creation of an effective and efficient operating environment.
The result will be a decisiveincrease in productivity with a reduction in management costs and a reduction, in ecological terms, of paper waste.
Furthermore, we are relieved of the long-standing maintenance and replacement activity which is often associated with problems of disposal of special waste.

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