Funded Training


Ensure specialized training for your employees.

Make your business efficient

Funded training guarantees the possibility for companies to offer continuous and specialized training to their employees. To finance staff training, the company can access inter-professional joint funds introduced by law 388/2000 for this purpose.

Companies therefore have the interesting opportunity to train their employees without adding additional money, but simply by allocating some contributions that are already counted in the paycheck in a different way.

Funded training courses can be organized in one’s own company or in conjunction with other companies (therefore, respectively, company and inter-company training) to increase the professional skills of one’s employees.

We support the importance of in-company training as employee training is essential to maintain the company’s competitiveness in its target market and to make it attractive for the resources who work there.

Staff training is financed by drawing on the Interprofessional Funds made available by the same company.

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