Microsoft 365 Education

The Redmond giant has staked a lot from the beginning on its Office 365 package. For this reason it immediately presented itself as a complete and advanced solution. The service is offered for subscriptions, with a free version and special offers for students and teachers. Each package is actually a cloud of tools that together have brought both smart working and online teaching.
Microsoft 365 is an online platform for creating and sharing content, focused on collaboration between teams of people.

Focus on Teams

Microsoft Teams is now at the center of attention, due to the great use that is being made of it both in education and in the workplace. It is probably the most used tool during lockdown. Compared to Excel, Word and PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams has only definitely emerged in the last few months. Having become a pillar of distance learning.

Teams is included in the Office 365 package, and has specific goals:

  • CollaborateCollaborate with multiple people for file creation and sharing. Documents can be edited in real time and in a group, while simultaneously working on the same project.
  • Communicate: take advantage of online lessons and chats to stay close even if distant. During online meetings, you can share your screen, activate a virtual whiteboard and record the lesson. Up to 250 participants can participate in a class. For greater needs it is possible to use the Live Event mode which supports up to 10,000 participants.
  • Integrate tools: customize activities by integrating the other tools of the Office package. For example, you can create a PowerPoint presentation or schedule the calendar at the same time as the rest of the class. Or, take notes during the lesson by integrating OneNote.
  • Manage activities and tasks: create activities and assignments in the classroom, provide guidance to support the activities to be performed and receive in-depth feedback.
  • Manage the grade register: monitor student activities and grades directly from a space on Teams.

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